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About Us


inCourts Padel is a company based in Portugal (Lisbon), with its manufacturing plant in the North of the country, dedicated to the manufacturing of Premium Padel Courts. We have started our manufacturing plant in Portugal, in September 2021, with the primary goal to create something very innovative and efficient, to be a key leader in the market of very high-quality Padel Courts.


After having distributed and installed Padel Courts from different manufacturers during the last years, we understood clearly the improvements we wanted to make in our courts. Not only on the quality of the court but also the aesthetic, transportation cost, installation, and many other advantages.


We are focused on understanding in detail our client’s requirements. Offering them a vast range of customization choices, such as extras that we strongly believe can enhance the Padel court beauty and mainly differentiate from the common courts that are available in the market.


What distinguishes us most from other manufacturers is that we have designed our standard models as premium, with unique characteristics. The entire structure is galvanized, and all-welded and drilled parts, go through Zinc treatment.


Through our R&D department, where we are constantly thinking about improving our product, as well as introducing new designs, also allows us to make exclusive designs to our clients with all the branding possibilities. We pay special attention to all our clients, having plenty of options that we give them to brand their court and create their own identity.


Our courts are following the International Padel Federation regulations. All our parts have the appropriate certificates required for the same. We only use high-quality materials and products.


We guarantee the authenticity of all advertised brands, products and specifications.


We have also partnered with the most premium manufacturer of Padel covers Lusotendas, also based in Portugal. We are in the Padel cover industry already for the last 3 years, and have covered 100+ courts in more than 5 countries. Although out factory is a 25+ year aluminum cover factory for other ends, such as warehousing, and events. We are now just specialized in the manufacturing of Aluminum covers for Padel courts, using the best materials from the PVC to the zip, to all the other parts of the cover.


Having the best solutions for your courts as well as to cover them, allow us to say that we are the most suitable partner for your project, to offer you end-to-end solution for your project, with the most premium Padel courts and Padel covers.


What distringuishes us more from the other manufacturers, is that we pay really special attention to the client need, and we guarantee that we will support our client from the time of order till the lifetime of his court.



Build the most unique Padel Court and Padel Cover, with the best materials around the world.
Together with our partners, deliver courts in every part of the world.


By offering the most premium padel courts and covers, be the ideal partner for our clients to implement such large projects, delivering end-to-end solutions across the world.


Constant improvement of our product and services, building strong and long term relationships with our partners.
Guarantee proper delivery of our products and services as promised, to be a reliable supplier to our clients.