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About Us


inCourts Padel® is a Lisbon-based company dedicated to innovating and manufacturing high-quality Padel courts. Our mission is to create cutting-edge products that set the benchmark for excellence in the global Padel market, all while offering competitive pricing.

Having gained experience through the study, distribution, and installation of various Padel courts from different manufacturers, we identified a pressing need in the market. Our goal was to address crucial aspects such as ensuring product quality, service excellence, and prompt response times.

Our company collaborates closely with our research and development team to strategically define the structure and design of our pitches. This ensures that our high- quality, aesthetically crafted pitches are tailored to meet the unique needs of each project.

Our utmost priority is to meticulously fulfill the unique requirements of our customers. We offer a wide range of options for customization and extras, allowing you to create a Padel court that stands out from the rest. Each project is approached with individuality and care, ensuring a truly unique outcome. We dedicate special attention to our customers, providing various features and options to help you create your own identity, from choosing the color scheme to incorporating branding elements.

Our court models adhere to the regulations set by the International Padel Federation, as well as the requirements specified in the ‘Euro Codes’ for numerous countries worldwide. At inCourts Padel®, we prioritize the use of
legally certified materials and exclusively incorporate high-quality products in the production of our Padel Courts.

Our courts are following the International Padel Federation regulations. All our parts have the appropriate certificates required for the same. We only use high-quality materials and products.

Our dedicated quality control department ensures the authenticity of all materials, products, and specifications we offer. You can have complete confidence in the accuracy and reliability of our announcements.



Build the most unique Padel Court and Padel Cover, with the best materials around the world.
Together with our partners, deliver courts in every part of the world.


By offering the most premium padel courts and covers, be the ideal partner for our clients to implement such large projects, delivering end-to-end solutions across the world.


Constant improvement of our product and services, building strong and long term relationships with our partners.
Guarantee proper delivery of our products and services as promised, to be a reliable supplier to our clients.